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Advertising and Insertion Rates and Payment Information

Below you will find information and pricing for our Circulation, Classified Ads, Display Ads, Inserts and Legal Notices, as well deadlines, payment requirements and credit based accounts.

The Montmorency Tribune is a Wednesday paper, published weekly, available at newsstands Wednesday mid-day and received locally in the mail on Thursday. 

Our main geographical newspaper saturation is Montmorency County, including the towns of Atlanta, Lewiston, Hillman and Johannesburg. The newspaper is available in many stores throughout the area, as well as delivered to our paid subscribers, both in the county and in outlying areas and states.

Our circulation fluctuates throughout the year.  Average circlulation is 2,400.  For current circulation numbers, please contact our office at 989-785-4214.

Classified Ad Pricing
Classified ads are text only ads.  They may not include logos, photos, borders or special line formatting.  They will appear in a text block of one column width. 

The cost to run a classified ad is $6.50 for the first 25 words, and 5 cents for each additional word.  Bold Type or ALL CAPS is an additional 10 cents per word, and an Attention Getter Star costs an additional 50 cents.

The deadline for classified ads is Monday 10 a.m. to be included in the Wednesday print edition of the Tribune. 

You may bring your classified ad into the office, call it in over the phone at 989-785-4214, email it to or fax it to us at 989-785-3118.  If emailing or faxing your ad please include your name, phone number, mailing address, and email address if you have one, so that we may contact you to confirm your ad and confirm payment.

When writing up your classified ad, please remember to include a phone number, address or email address for readers to contact you, if the content of your ad requires individuals to do so.

All classified ads must be prepaid.  We accept credit cards, personal checks and cash.  Call 989-785-4214 or mail to: Montmorency County Tribune, PO Box 186, Atlanta, MI 49709.

Display Ad Pricing
Ads that contain text, logos, photos, location maps, a border or other images are Display Ads.

Display Ad deadline is Friday noon the week before you want the ad to appear. Display Ads must be paid for before the ad will be run.

Ad rates for display advertising are determined by the column inch.  The Tribune’s column inch is 1 7/16 inches wide. Our maximum ad height is 15.833 inches tall.

The Level A Open Rate for a black and white display ad is $7.50 per column inch.  Level A Open Rate for color display ads start out at $17.50 and is based on a sliding scale depending on size.

Some popular ad sizes and rates are:

Ad Size Black & White Color
Business Card Size (4 column inches) $30.00 $40.00
Eighth Page (12 column inches) $90.00 $107.93
Quarter Page (24 column inches) $180.00 $216.95
Half Page (48 column inches) $360.00 $435.00
Full Page (96 column inches) $720.00 $795.00

Ad design is provided, if needed, at no additional charge.  Full page and half page ad design requires additional time to complete, therefore your ad must be placed, and the ad copy and/or images received at least one full week prior to the date that you would like your ad appear in the Tribune.

We also offer the following contract discount rates - sliding scale applies to color:

Contract Level Black & White Color Base Rate
Level A: Open Rate $7.50 col. in $17.50
Level B: Runs every week for 13+ weeks $7.13 col. in. $16.63
Level C: 13+ weeks and over 40 column inches per month $6.90 col. in $15.84
Level D: 13+ weeks and over 80 column inches per month $6.60 col. in. $15.23

The Level B 13+ week commitment does not require you to run your ads each week consecutively.  You may run your scheduled ads every other week, every third week, or once a month.  You may also change your ad each time it runs.

Levels C and D require you to run 13+ weeks plus the number of column inches noted in the above table.

Contract rates require a signature to apply.  You may stop in the office to sign or we can fax or email a copy to you to sign.

We do accept SAU and NAT size ads. The rates are determined by the number of column inches that the ad occupies.

To place your ad, you may stop in the office, call us at 989-785-4214, email us at, or fax us your ad copy at 989-785-3118.  Any images, such as photos, clip art or logos that are to be included in the ad must be brought into the office, mailed to us on a CD or emailed to us at the address above to preserve the quality of the image. We also have a large library of graphics that we can utilize when designing your advertisement.

Inserting Pre-Printed Material (Inserts)
Inserts can be ordered just for Atlanta, Lewiston, Hillman, In-County or for our total circulation, but cannot be smaller than one zip code, since requirements for paying postage must be followed.

A minimum of one week advance notice is required that inserts will be coming and the inserts must be delivered to the Tribune by 4:00 p.m. Thursday of the week before the insertion date.

The cost of insertion is based on the circulation numbers for the area you want the inserts delivered to.  Because these numbers vary, please contact our office for current circulation numbers.

Insert Material In-County Total Circulation
All inserts. Contact for quote Contact for quote

For booklets, heavy-weight paper, odd sizes, etc., please call us at 989-785-4214 with specifications for special quote.

Our printing plant can produce an insert for you. Please contact us for a price quote.

Legal Notices
The Tribune is designated as the legal publication for notices in the County of Montmorency, and publishes legal notices and provides affidavits of publication. Meeting and/or synopsis of minutes are also accepted.

Rates charged are those set by the Michigan Legislature. Please contact us for pricing information.

Deadlines for classifieds, display ads, legals and inserts can be found below.

Product Deadline
Classified Advertisement Monday 10 a.m. for that weeks Wednesday paper
Display Advertisement Thursday noon to be included in the following weeks paper
Legals Thursday noon to be included in the following weeks paper
Pre-printed Inserts Delivered to our office by 4:00 Thursday for insertion in the following weeks paper.


Announcement Costs
If you would like an engagement, birth, wedding or other type of announcement placed in the paper, you need to get your information to the Tribune by noon Thursday, the week prior to when you would like it to appear in the paper. Please included which town page (Atlanta, Lewiston or Hillman) you would like the announcement to appear on and we will do our best to get it there. Placement is not guaranteed. Announcement photos are printed in black and white.

You may pick up a form for your announcement at our office.

Announcement types we offer and pricing is included below.

Announcement Type Cost
Birth Announcement - no photo FREE
Birth Announcement - with photo $10.00
Engagement Announcement - no photo FREE
Engagement Announcement - with photo $10.00
Anniversary Announcement - no photo FREE
Anniversary Announcement - with photo $10.00
Wedding Announcement - no photo $10.00
Wedding Announcement - with photo $20.00
Generations Announcement with photo & short cutline (max. 60 words) FREE
Generations Announcement with with photo & story (over 60 words) $20.00
Obituary - no photo $40.00
Obituary - with photo $50.00


All classified ads, display ads, insertions and announcements required pre-payment before the ads are run or the material is inserted. We accept credit cards, checks, money orders and cash.

Credit Accounts
Credit based accounts are available.  To be considered, you must fill out and sign a Credit Agreement, provide us with a copy of your drivers license or state issued ID, and be on a pre-pay basis for 6 months.  After six months, we will review your account and notify you if you are eligible for a credit based account, as well as your credit limit. 

Accounts are billed out at the beginning of each month, payable each month.  A 1.5 percent per month finance charge is added to late payment accounts.

Credit Agreements are available in our office, or we can send one to you via US Mail or by fax. Contact our office for more information, or to request a Credit Agreement at 989-785-4214.

Political Advertising Deadline Policy
No political/election advertising, letters to the editor, inserts, etc. will be published in the last two issues prior to an election date. Please call us at 989-785-4214 for the last date such ads can run and deadline information.

Any and all ads or insertions, including classified ads, that contain political content must have the political advertising disclaimer within the ad. That disclaimer must state the name of the individual/individuals, candidate or committee that is paying for the ad, as well as the mailing address of the individual/individuals, candidate or committee that is paying for the ad.

All political ads must be paid for prior to the ad appearing in the Tribune.

There are no discount rates for any political advertising.

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