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Local News Summary - October 20, 2021 Edition

Gypsy moth suppression discussed at county board meeting
Spraying for gypsy moth, next year, might take nearly all the money in the county’s invasive species fund. The matter was discussed at the regular county board meeting on Oct. 13 where Alicia Wallace, gypsy moth suppression coordinator, said she mapped severe defoliation areas during the summer.

According to Wallace, a current high concentration of egg masses in Hillman indicates the entire village should be sprayed. She also said Buttles Rd. south to West Twin Lake in Lewiston should be treated. Wallace proposed the spraying of 6,200 acres in the county.

“Albert Township has the most acreage, again, this year,” she explained.

Spraying will take place in all townships in the county except Briley and Loud. Some gypsy moth populations in Briley Township are in collapse, Wallace said, and she has received no calls from residents in Loud Township asking to be included in the treatment.

There is a balance of $374,000 in the county’s invasive species fund. After spraying, Wallace estimated there would be about $44,000 left. However, there was a consensus from county commissioners to include additional properties if owners make late requests to be included.

“I don’t think we should leave anything over for the next year,” said Commissioner Geyer Balog, adding the people who voted in the one-time millage for gypsy moth suppression want every penny spent.

Those who opted out of spraying done early this year will not be included in spray blocks for next year, and they will not be included in notifications. A 600-foot buffer zone is observed around the properties of owners who opt out.

Mandatory 10 digit dialing for local calls begins October 24, 2021
Beginning Oct. 24, 2021, all consumers with 989, 906, 810, and 616 Michigan area codes must dial 10 digits for all local calls. Beginning that day, local calls dialed with only 7 digits may not be completed, and a recording may inform you that your call cannot be completed as dialed. If you get this recording, you must hang up and dial again using the area code with the 7-digit telephone number.

This change is due to the rollout of a new way to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which will use a new abbreviated 3-digit dialing code – 988.

What other changes need to be made?

Important safety and security equipment, such as medical alert devices, and alarm and security systems must be programmed to use 10-digit dialing. Many systems operate on 10-digit dialing by default, but some older equipment may still use 7 digits. Contact your medical alert or security provider if you are not sure whether your equipment needs to be reprogrammed to accommodate the change to 10-digit local dialing.

Any needed reprogramming of alarm and home security equipment must be done by October 24, 2021 to avoid interruption of services. Other examples of services that may need to be re-programmed are:

• life safety systems or medical monitoring devices

• PBXs

• fax machines

• Internet dial-up numbers

• fire or burglar alarm and security systems or gates

• speed dialers

• mobile or other wireless phone contact lists

• call forwarding settings, and

• voicemail services and other similar functions.

Be sure to check your website, personal and business stationery, advertising materials, personal and business checks, contact information, personal or pet ID tags and other such items to ensure the area code is included.

What will remain the same?

• Your telephone number, including current area code, will not change.

• The price of a call, coverage area, or other rates and services will not change.

• What is a local call now will remain a local call regardless of the number of digits dialed.

• You will continue to dial 1 plus the area code and the telephone number for all long-distance calls.

• You will continue to dial a prefix such as 9 when dialing from a multi-line telephone system (in a hotel or office building, for example) as required.

• You can still dial just three digits to reach 711 for relay services and 911 for emergency services.

• If 211, 311, 411, 511, 611 or 811 are currently available in your community, you may still dial these codes with just three digits.

• The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can still be reached by dialing 1-800-273-TALK (8255) even after the 988 code is in effect.

Hillman Tigers defeat Whittemore-Prescott, 36-14
The Whittemore-Prescott Cardinals threatened the Hillman Tigers in Hillman on Oct. 15, but not for long. Pouring rain made for messy game conditions on parents’ night, and a special band presentation was moved inside for the halftime show.

After forcing the Cardinals to punt on fourth down and 19, the Tigers delivered the first blow on their first possession with a touchdown from Owen Moulton following yardage from him and Sean Henigan. The Cardinals answered with a TD for Nick Smith and the extra two to take the lead.

With the Tigers at third and goal, a pass to Trenton Taratuta was picked off, and the Cardinals made good with a 64-yard touchdown run to put Whittemore-Prescott up by eight. Henigan returned the favor with a 64-yard jaunt to the end zone to leave the Tigers trailing by only two at the halftime break.

The Cardinals tried an onside kick to start the second half, but it was recovered by Hillman’s Landen Timm, starting the drive for the Tigers at the 50. Jeffrey Klein joined Henigan and Moulton in moving the ball, and a keeper for A. J. Jones put Hillman deep in Cardinal territory. Henigan dodged right for the TD, Moulton added the extra and the Tiger defense never let the Cardinals score again.

Penalties plagued the Cardinals, and Hillman blocking helped Moulton break free for 39 yards and a score to which Henigan added two. Klein recovered a Cardinal fumble, and Moulton continued to burn up the scoreboard with a 55-yard touchdown run in the game that ended 36-14, Tigers. The victory gave the Tigers a record of 5-3. They travel to Pellston to take on the Hornets on Oct. 22. The AuGres-Sims Wolverines have won the league championship in football, this year.

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