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Local News Summary - October 17, 2018 Edition

Hope Shores Alliance Outreach Center opens in Atlanta
The grand opening of Montmorency County Hope Shores Alliance Outreach Center for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault took place on Oct. 11. The new center is located adjacent to Briley Township Park near the park pavilion. Hope Shores is celebrating its 40th anniversary, this year.

The organization initially developed in 1978 as Shelter Inc. At the recent ceremony, Esther Ableidinger, board president for Hope Shores, said there were no safe houses for survivors of domestic violence at that time, and victims were housed by community members.

“There are so many thousands of people who have contributed to this agency, we don’t even know who they were,” Ableidinger said.

By 1980, Trinity Episcopal Church in Alpena provided a building for use as a safe house, but Shelter Inc. struggled to pay rent on time. Eventually, the church sold the safe house to the organization at less than market value.

“I believe we wouldn’t be here without them,” Ableidinger said during her expression of gratitude to the church, its pastors and members.

She explained the organization was not initially well-received or respected, but that perception has changed. The agency has grown from $122,000 in revenues in 1984 to more than $1.2 million in 2017. Services have grown from merely providing a shelter to also providing a 24-hour support and help line, education and prevention programs, counseling and legal advocacy.

Katy Conklin, executive director for Hope Shores, said the organization’s membership on the assault response team has increased 1,800 percent since 2012.

“That’s not because the numbers are higher. That’s because, now, the community knows about us,” she told those in attendance.

Hope Shores Alliance now has a safe house in Alpena, thrift stores in Rogers City and Oscoda, which help support the organization, and an outreach center in Oscoda as well as the new one in Atlanta.

“We realized we really needed to have a presence in Montmorency County,” Conklin said.

The new center offers private counseling offices, a skill center with computer for clients in need of access to the Internet and a Lamb’s Lounge for children. The center is staffed Mon.-Fri. from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Atlanta and Hillman joint school board meeting held
A quarterly joint meeting between Atlanta and Hillman school boards took place on Oct. 8. A topic of discussion was whether the districts could cooperate in overcoming shortages in maintenance and transportation administration.

The transportation supervisor in Hillman is temporary, and the transportation supervisor in Atlanta, who also served as maintenance supervisor, among other titles, is resigning. Board members discussed the possibilities of having one administrator for transportation and one for maintenance oversee both districts.

Carl Seiter, superintendent for both districts, explained the current supervisors not only oversee the departments but also work the positions along with employees. If the supervisors became true supervisors, Seiter said the districts would have to hire more employees.

“The difference is we are smaller districts, and our supervisors are workers,” Seiter explained. “Realistically, I don’t think we can continue to have what we have and combine these positions without adding cost.”

In another matter, students from both districts are enjoying Career and Technical Education classes offered by the district in Alpena, according to Seiter, but, next year, those students might be required to adhere to the schedule of Alpena’s district. The next joint board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 19 at 6 p.m. in Atlanta.

Hillman Tigers crush Onaway Cardinals
The Hillman Tigers cruised into Onaway and through Cardinal defense on Oct. 12 to defeat the Cardinals in front of their homecoming crowd. And, it wasn’t even close.

The Tigers made good on their first possession with a six-yard touchdown run for Gunner Mellingen. Early in the second quarter, Mellingen zoomed 88 yards to the end zone, and, on the next Cardinal play, the Tigers received the ball back on a fumble recovery by Andrew Gardner. Gage Steinke received and scored to put the Tigers up by 18.

Hillman backed the Cardinals up to fourth and 11, but Onaway chanced it. After a tricked-out backward pass to Dawson Hilliker, Gavin Fenstermaker, quarterback, became the receiver and set the Cardinals on the Hillman 34. He eventually kept for the Cardinal’s only score of the game, taking the halftime score to 18-6.

The Tigers, however, were just getting warmed up. Two first downs for Caleb Sanders helped the Tigers to mid-field, and Mellingen bolted 51 yards to the goal. Sanders carried in the extra two to leave the Cardinals trailing by 20.

Onaway turned the ball over on downs to set the Tigers on the Cardinal 39, and Sanders earned the TD and the extra two. Mellingen stole the ball back with a fumble recovery, and a Kory Henigan pass to Isaac Morrison was good for a 45-yard gain. Mellingen went the rest of the way to put the game in a running clock situation.

Cardinal Austin Nash intercepted a Tiger pass, but the possession was wasted on a fourth and five. As the clock rapidly ticked down, Hillman’s Owen Moulton, a freshman, managed a first down and broke the plane from the three-yard line to take the game to the final score of 48-6, Tigers.

The Tigers now have an overall record of 7-1. This is the first year for Hillman in eight-man football and the first year as head coach for Cody Allen. The Tigers host Charlton Heston Academy on Oct. 19.

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