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Local News Summary - November 14, 2018 Edition

Albert Township weighs park gazebo repair vs replacement
Board members in Albert Township might be entertaining estimates for a pavilion that would replace the gazebo in the township park. At the regular Nov. 5 township board meeting, Deb Downing, zoning administrator, presented a pavilion design she indicated would be more useful to residents than the existing gazebo.

One previous assessment estimated the cost of replacing the three-tier roof and other repairs to the gazebo at about $23,000. Mike Dombrowski, township supervisor, said a subsequent consideration for stabilizing the existing gazebo would only last for a year or two. The design presented for a 20’ x 20’ pavilion is estimated to cost $10,000.

Downing said other boards within the township have expressed approval of the pavilion concept, but she met some resistance with the township board. Judy Athan, township clerk, said the only thing the gazebo structure is missing is seating. Roger Cohoe, trustee, said the township already has two pavilions, while the gazebo offers a nicer atmosphere for potential weddings and such, adding the elevated floor of the gazebo provides easier viewing in the case of a music event.

“The last thing I want to see in the township park is a carport,” Cohoe emphasized.

Dombrowski summarized, though the gazebo is pretty, it doesn’t get a lot of use, and there is a goal to attract more people to the park.

“So, I think we’re saying, if we’re looking for alternatives as a board, we want something a little fancier,” he concluded.

Briley Township parks and recreation proposal fails
Voters in Briley Township passed a request for one mill for three years for road safety, maintenance and township improvements that will raise an estimated $76,561 in the first year, but a request for the same amount for maintenance of parks, recreation areas and facilities failed 505/334.

Bruno Wojcik, township supervisor, said there is still more work to be done concerning parks and recreation, and adjustments will have to be made to determine what can be accomplished according to what the people want. The funding concept is losing ground, failing by only 25 votes after a previous request.

“The township does not want to fund it in the amount we’re putting out for it,” Wojcik told the Tribune.

Something must be done with a walkway in the township park, he explained, and, if it can’t be replaced, it might have to simply be taken out. According to Wojcik, maintenance is the real issue.

“I’m glad people get to vote for these things. In the future, we hope to communicate a capital improvements plan better,” he said.

Leland Lady Comets dash Tigers volleyball hopes
Hillman’s Lady Tigers took the district volleyball championship, this year, but they fell in three sets to the top-ranked Leland Lady Comets in regional semi-final competition. The taller Leland players were difficult to defend and knew no such thing as a friendly pass.

The Comets dominated the first set that ended 25-9, but the Tigers regrouped and came on strong in the second set. They overcame as much as a five-point deficit to trail by only one midway through the set, but superior ball control on the part of the Comets left the Tigers chasing to end 25-14. The Comets took set three at 25-12.

Kim Weiland, coach for the Tigers, told the Tribune her players were nervous going into the game against the first place Comets, and they weren’t prepared for the stricter referee calls at the higher level of play. In her first year as head coach, Weiland said her players had a great season despite having to learn a new coach and new ideas.

“It took half a season for them to buy into what I was trying to sell,” the coach said.

She tried to point out the positives, Weiland said, and make sure her players were having fun. The team loses nine seniors to graduation, but the coach said it’s likely some of this year’s talented juniors and sophomores will be a force, next year. With a shortage of female athletes, statewide, she said she hopes the team’s successes with encourage other females to get involved in sports. Losing, Weiland said, can be valuable to a team.

“You have to learn how to lose before you can learn how to win,” she summarized.

Emilee Noffze and Ricki Steinke were each named first team for the North Star Little Dipper League, and Noffze also earned the coach award while Steinke was named defensive specialist. Brooke Jones, Alison Samp and Makenna Grulke made second team with Jones earning MVP, Samp receiving the team captain award and Grulke as most improved player. Anna Callender received honorable mention for the league, Ellie Crawford was named most versatile player and MacKenzie VanPamel nabbed the team spirit award.

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