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Local News Summary - May 22, 2019 Edition

Area schools finalize last day of school for students
Now that threatening weather has subsided, all three school districts serving the county have decided when students will be released. A severe winter prompted legislation awarding four additional snow days to what was already forgiven, and all three districts utilized what was available to let students out of school as soon as possible.

The state automatically forgives six snow days, and three more days were available for districts applying through a waiver process. After Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency for cold temperatures in Michigan, another four days were forgiven. The school districts for Atlanta and Hillman each used three of the four additional days awarded for extreme circumstances.

The last day for seniors in Atlanta was May 17, and the other students will be released on June 7, a half day. The graduation ceremony in Atlanta takes place on May 31 at 6 p.m. The last day for seniors in Hillman is May 24, and the rest of the students will be released after a half day on June 6. The graduation ceremony in Hillman takes place on June 2 at 2 p.m. Seniors at Johannesburg-Lewiston Schools are done May 31, and the other students will be released June 18, a half day. Graduation for J-L takes place June 7 at 7 p.m.

Commission on aging to seek one mill renewal
The Montmorency County Commission on Aging will be seeking renewal of one mill to pick up where the current one mill leaves off when it expires in 2020. The matter was discussed at the regular May 16 MCCOA board meeting.

The commission has been receiving a total of one mill for three separate millages that will be expiring, and those three millages are being combined into one millage for one mill. That one mill is expected to generate about $500,902.

According to Anna Rogers, executive director of MCCOA, the millage is used to largely fund all senior programs. State and federal funding is limited, she told the Tribune, and donations cover about 19 percent of expenditures. While other commissions fund programs through charges to clients, Rogers said MCCOA aims to keep programs affordable for the increasing population of seniors in and moving to the area.

“It would be devastating if it did not pass,” she emphasized. “We would definitely have to cut services.”

Discussion took place concerning when to put the millage proposal on an election ballot. An election committee is to give the matter more consideration for a recommendation as to when to put the millage up for vote for presentation at the next regular MCCOA board meeting scheduled for July 18 at 10 a.m.

Lady Cardinals sweep Hillman Lady Tigers
Johannesburg-Lewiston’s Lady Cardinals swept Hillman’s Lady Tigers in Johannesburg on May 17, taking both games. Game one matched Joburg’s pitcher, Jessalyn Marlatt, against Hillman’s Bailey Schook.

The teams were tied at one after the first inning of game one. The Cardinals, however, padded their lead in the bottom of the second after Alyce Vermilya eyed a walk and eventually scored on a single from Arielle Vermilya, who eventually stole home and left the Tigers trailing by two.

Schook singled in the third for Hillman, and, with one out, Brooke Jones launched one to the fence for a double. Ellie Crawford, however, flew out, and Schook, who didn’t tag, earned the third out when Joburg’s Holly Kussrow touched third with ball in hand.

Fourth inning action saw Hillman’s Mackenzie VanPamel get to first on a drop by J-L’s catcher, but that’s as far as she got. Schook proceeded to down Joburg’s batters in order in both the fifth and sixth innings, leaving the Tigers with a final side to score at least two runs. Two flyouts and a groundout, though, ended game one at 3-1, Cardinals.

Marlatt did such a fine job pitching in game one, Kim Marlatt, coach for the Cardinals, put her on the mound for game two, as well, to take on Hillman’s McKenna Hiveley. The Tigers fared better in game two with three runs, but Joburg prevailed, again, with the final score of 4-3, Cardinals.

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