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Election Results November 6, 2018

Unofficial November 6, 2018 election results

Statewide, it was Gretchen Whitmer (D) over Bill Schuette (R) for Governor. Democrat Dana Nessel edged out Tom Leonard (R) for Attorney General. Jocelyn Benson (D) beat out Mary Lang (R) for Secretary of State.

Proposal 18-1 to legalize marijuana passed with 2,187,980 yes votes to 1,722,701 no votes.

Proposal 18-2 - redistricting commission passed, 2,342,165 to 1,482,296.

Proposal 18-3 - Allow automatic election day registration also passed, 2,575,401 to 1,274,855.

In Montmorency County, the following votes were cast:

Proposal 18-1
Yes 2093
No 2522

Proposal 18-2
Yes 1942
No 2563

Proposal 18-3
Yes 2190
No 2326

Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Bill Schutte and Lisa Posthumus Lyons (R) 2976
Gretchen Whitmer and Garlin D. Gilchrist II (D) 1508
Bill Gelineau and Angelique Chaiser Thomas (Libertarian) 57
Todd Schleiger and Earl P. Lackie (US Taxpayers) 52
Jennifer V. Kurland and Charin H. Davenport (Green) 21
Keith Butkovich and Raymond Warner (Natural Law) 11

Secretary of State
Mary Treder Lang (R) 2963
Jocelyn Benson (D) 1394
Gregory Scott Stempfle (Libertarian) 82
Robert Gale (US Taxpayers) 97

Attorney General
Tom Leonard (R) 3000
Dana Nessel (D) 1217
Lisa Lane Gioia (Libertarian) 97
Gerald T. Van Sickle (US Taxpayers) 85
Chris Graveline (No Party Affiliation) 82

United State Senator
John James (R) 2978
Debbie Stabenow (D) 1537
George E. Huffman III (US Taxpayers) 36
Marcia Squier (Green) 28
John Howard Wilhelm (Natural Law) 31

Representative in Congress
Jack Bergman (R) 3094
Matthew W. Morgan (D) 1471

State Senator
Jim Stamas (R) 3215
Joe Weir (D) 1317

Representative in State Legislature
Triston Cole (R) 3164
Melissa Fruge (D) 1308

Member of the State Board of Education (2)
Tami Carlone (R) 2411
Richard Zeile (R) 2170
Judith P. Pritchett (D) 1132
Tiffany Tilley (D) 1037
Scotty Boman (Libertarian) 123
John J. Tatar (Libertarian) 85
Karen Adams (US Taxpayers) 81
Douglas Levesque (US Taxpayers) 56
Sherry A. Wells (Green) 53
Mary Anne Hering (Working Class) 154
Logan R. Smith (Working Class) 127

Regent of the University of Michigan (2)
Andrea Fischer Newman (R) 2402
Andrew Richner (R) 2217
Jordan Acker (D) 1059
Paul Brown (D) 1033
James Lewis Hudler (Libertarian) 83
John Jascob (Libertarian) 86
Joe Sanger (US Taxpayers) 90
Crystal Van Sickle (US Taxpayers) 138
Kevin A. Graves (Green) 58
Marge Katchmark Sallows (Natural Law) 49

Trustee of Michigan State University (2)
Dave Dutch (R) 2308
Mike Miller (R) 2268
Brianna T. Scott (D) 1129
Kelly Charron Tebay (D) 982
Bruce Campbell (Libertarian) 112
Tim Orzechowski (Libertarian) 75
Janet M. Sanger (US Taxpayers) 111
John Paul Sanger (US Taxpayers) 74
Aaron Mariasy (Green) 54
Bridgette R. Abraham-Guzman (Natural Law) 55

Governor of Wayne State University (2)
Diane Dunaskiss (R) 2331
David Nicholson (R) 2235
Bryan C. Barnhill (D) 1125
Anil Kumar (D) 921
Jon Elgas (Libertarian) 100
John T. Hargenrader (Libertarian) 80
Christine C. Schwartz (US Taxpayers) 166
March Joseph Sosnowski (US Taxpayers) 93

Justice of Supreme Court - 8 year (2)
Samuel Bagenstos 477
Megan Kathleen Cavanagh 1310
Elizabeth T. Clement 2190
Doug Dern 315
Kerry Lee Morgan 424
Kurtis T. Wilder 1886

Judge of Court of Appeals District 4
6 year term
Stephen L. Borrello 3189

Judge of Court of Appeals District 4
Partial Term
Brock A. Swartzle 3156

Judge of Proabate Court -Montmorency County
6 year term
Benjamin T. Bolser 3555

County Road Commissioner
Charles A. Arbour (R) 3709

County Commissioner District 1
Albert LaFleche (D) 734

County Commissioner District 2
Don Edwards (R) 712

County Commissioner District 3
Daryl Peterson (R) 525
Lloyd Peltier (No Party Affiliation) 210

County Commissioner District 4
David Wagner (R) 713

County Commissioner District 5
Gary Girardin (No Party Affiliation) 671

Albert Township Trustee
Richard Deska (R) 918

Avery Township Trustee
Dawn A. Dobbyn (D) 179

Avery Township Operating Millage
Yes 147
No 127

Briley Township Treasurer
Mary Freeman (R) 384
Barbara Dice (D) 176
Vanessa Werner (No Party Affiliation) 314

Parks and Recreational Millage
Yes 334
No 505

Road Safety, Maintenance, and Improvements Proposal
Yes 440
No 410

Hillman Village President
Myron L. McIntire 188

Hillman Village Trustee
Natasha Acatz 174
John E. Fitzgerald (write in) Not available
Bruce D. Brown Jr. (write in) Not available

Hillman Village Trustee Partial Term
Velma Brown 194

Hillman School Board
4 year term (3)
Kelly Burwell 1004
Jack E. Matthias 869
Lorilee McGee 996

Partial term (3)
Leslie A. Cook 891
Craig Zimmer 1141

Hillman School Sinking Fund Millage
Yes 807
No 720

Johannesburg-Lewiston Area School Board
6 year Term (2)
Scott A. Mathewson 1001
Ursula H. Owens 844

Atlanta Community School Board
4 year term (4)
John P. Kaszonyi 831
Doris L. Smith 900
Cody Stevens 1053
Pam Parsons (write in) Not available
Mason Valentine (write in) Not available

Partial term
Joseph Soncrainte 1242


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