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The young ladies
pictured here are the contestants in the Miss VJ Day Pageant, which will be held Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 7 p.m. at Patchwood Plaza. The young ladies are: Breanna Casebier, Brook Linseman, Junie Cordes, Adelena Kiel, Peyton Banks, and Valerie Binge.

New executive order limits indoor gatherings to 10 and closes indoor service at many bars
LANSING – On July 29, 2020 Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-160 and Executive Order 2020-161, amending Michigan’s Safe Start Order and issuing revised workplace safeguards. >> Full Story

Return of high school sports
On July 29, the Michigan High School Athletic Association approved the next steps to returning to sports. A plan was adopted to phase in competition for fall sports in hopes of continuing to deter the spread of COVID-19.

Cooler temps, then warmer weather returns this week
It was the second warmest July for the Alpena area with average temperatures of 72.2 degrees, or 4.7 degrees above normal, and it was the sixth warmest July for Gaylord with average temperatures of 70 degrees, or four degrees above normal. >> Full Story

Death Notices
Full obituaries are in the Tribune print & paid online edition
John A. Shibler
Jean M. Cady
Edward J. Weaver
James R. Housey Sr.
Ruth E. Boyd


Montmorency Commission on Aging Renewal Millage
Yes - 1,979 No - 1,046

Montmorency County Sheriff Renewal Millage
Yes - 2,147 No - 905

Montmorency County General Operation Millage
Yes - 1,598 No - 1,414

Montmorency County Library Operation and Support Millage
Yes - 1,865 No - 1, 169

County Sheriff
Chad Brown (Rep) - 2,046

County Clerk
Cheryl A. Neilsen (Rep) - 1,955

County Register of Deeds
Michelle L. Sanders (Rep) - 732
Teresa L. Walker (Rep) - 1,420

Country Commissioner District 2
Don Edwards (Rep) 417

County Commissioner District 3
John S. Burr (Rep) - 320

County Commissioner District 5
Gary Girardin (Rep) - 402

Albert Township
Township Treasurer
John Righi (Rep) - 516

Township Clerk
Judy Athan (Rep) - 320
Dawn Sutfin-Hubbard - 273

Township Trustee
Roger B. Cohoe (Rep) - 363
Richard Deska (Rep) - 401

Delegate to the County Convention
Laura L. Scott (Rep) 481

Avery Township
Township Supervisor
Thomas Seymour (Rep) - 134

Township Treasurer
Jean M. Angell (Rep) - 138

Township Clerk
Ann M. Seymour (Rep) - 133

Township Trustee (2)
Gary McMurphy (Rep) - 136
Dawn A. Dobbyn (Dem) - 31

Briley Township
Briley Township Roads Millage
Yes - 360 No - 259

Briley Township Parks Millage
Yes - 285 No - 325

Township Supervisor
Marc Harold Edwards (Qualified Write In) - 0

Township Treasurer
Vanessa Werner (Rep) - 325
Mary Jo Whitmire (Rep) - 161

Township Clerk
Ed Comber (Rep) - 201
Phil LaMore (Rep) - 267

Township Trustee (2)
Brittany Brown (Rep) - 270
Evelyn White (Rep) - 234
Bruno Wojcik (Rep) - 164

Delegate to the County Convention
Ed Comber (Rep) - 259

Hillman Township
Advanced Life Support Ambulance Operation and Equipment Millage
Yes - 484 No - 138

Fire Department Operation and Equipment Millage
Yes - 496 No -130

Township Supervisor
John S. Burr (Rep) - 378

Township Treasurer
Jody Vanderveer (Rep) - 408

Township Clerk
Shannon Cadieux (Rep) - 279
Kristen Leigh South (Rep) - 147

Township Trustee (2)
Steven Achatz (Rep) - 311
Daryl Peterson (Rep) - 237
John LaFleche (Rep) - 176

Loud Township
Township Trustee (2)
Robert Hosmer (Rep) - 60

Loud Township
Township Supervisor
Beau Williams (Rep) - 64

Township Treasurer Kimberly Massengill (Rep) - 59
Township Clerk
Robin Chinavare (Rep) - 60

Township Trustee (2)
Donna Stehle (Dem) - 21

Montmorency Township
Refuse Transfer Sites and Equipment Operation Millage
Yes - 163 No - 91

Fire Department Operation and Equipment Millage
Yes - 191 No - 62

Advanced Life Support Ambulance Operation and Equipment Millage
Yes - 186 No - 65

Township Supervisor
Garry L. Boldrey (Rep) - 155

Township Treasurer
Janelle Herrick (Rep) - 158

Township Clerk
Connie Brandt (Rep) - 160

Township Trustee (2)
Kendall Hardies - 125
Gerald Steinke - 101
Debra Villeneuve (Rep) - 78

Delegate to the County Convention
Mary Hamilton (Rep) - 113

Rust Township
Fire Department Operation and Equipment Millage
Yes - 141 No - 35

Township Supervisor
Jonathan A. Schulze (Rep) - 126

Township Treasurer
Michielle LaFleche (Rep) - 126

Township Clerk
Carleen L. Klein (Rep) - 127

Township Trustee (2)
James Fifield (Rep) - 110
Janice L Richiert (Rep) - 97

Vienna Township
Emergency Medical Service Millage
Yes - 169 No - 34

Township Supervisor
Cheryl Klein (Rep) - 138

Township Treasurer
Janet A. Black (Rep) - 143

Township Clerk
Elaine Dixon (Rep) - 140

Township Trustee (2)
Faye E. Erving (Rep) - 113
Mayree Payne (Rep) - 97

Johannesburg-Lewiston Schools Bonding Proposal - Montmorency County Result ONLY
Yes - 488 No - 476

Montmorency County Only Results for State Level
Representative in State Legislature 105th District
Ken Borton (Rep) - 1,370
Jonathan Burke (Dem) - 530
Tony Cutler (Rep) - 388
Jimmy Schmidt (Rep) - 221

Representative in Congress 1st District
Jack Bergman (Rep) - 2,011
Dana Ferguson (Dem) - 332

United State Senator
John James (Rep) - 1,994
Gary Peters (Dem) - 576

Turnout By Township
Albert Township - 41.61%
Avery Township - 36.91%
Briley Township - 37.55%
Hillman Township - 40.26%
Loud Township - 44.03%
Montmorency Township Precint 1 - 48.49%
Montmorency Township Precint 2 - 5.22%
Rust Township - 43.36%
Vienna Township - 43.70%


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